Hyeree Christina Mary

by Hyeree Ro

Four moving pieces in different heights and varying slopes are physically reconfigured with  each different location: Incheon to Santa Rosa to Seoul to New Haven. The names - Hyeree,  Christina, and Mary - appear in each location, suggesting different identities, also thematized  by English and Korean languages, schoolbooks, classrooms, understanding and  misunderstanding.

Hyeree Ro is interested in how objects can relate to the body. Finding various ways to relate  them lies as the background for her performances. Her sculptural, performative, and narrative based works embody various aspects of life such as personal history, memories, places, cities,  language, body, movement, and stories. Ro received her BFA from Korea National University of  Arts in 2017, her BA in Law from Yonsei University in 2011, and her MFA from Yale University in  2021.