by Veronica Tsai

Return portrays the longing of returning to a place that brings me comfort and peace. I am from Taiwan, but I was interested in exploring a Japan-inspired piece as I adored every single trip to Japan. These trips recharge my appreciation for art and design, as well as my creativity and vitality of being a creative. 

As an international student studying in the US for over seven years, at times it could feel incredibly lonely. It was certainly difficult to adjust, and I doubt I ever fitted in. In terms of creating art, I didn’t feel all that comfortable with creating pieces that were instantly recognized as Asian, especially when I was at a predominantly white boarding school. Perhaps I felt the need to hold back or conform in a certain way. As I grew older, and as I’m currently studying grad school remotely in the comfort of my home in Taiwan (my school is in Los Angeles), I don’t feel the same need to cater to a specific “American” audience.

The music used in this animation is also called Return, a song I produced that is also heavily influenced by Japanese producers that I admire. It’s a bit melancholic, and I incorporated a rewind effect to emphasize the idea of returning to a comforting time and place.

Veronica Tsai is a multidisciplinary artist from Taiwan. She received her BFA in architecture design from the Maryland Institute College of Art. She is currently pursuing a MFA in graphic design at ArtCenter College of Design, focusing on transmedia design that works across and beyond traditional formats.